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Race #112 – Thunder Road Half Marathon – Charlotte, NC – 12/11/10

As of about 4 o’clock Friday afternoon I was still not planning on running this race. Since I hadn’t registered in advance, the registration fee at the expo was 90 bucks, and I thought it might be wise to save the $90 and just run on the treadmill instead for free. There was excitement in the air on Facebook though and it seemed like everybody in town was running, so at about 4:30 Friday afternoon I talked Linda into letting me sign up and run the half marathon. I was a little bummed that when I signed up and paid my $90 I was informed that I wouldn’t get a T-shirt because they were out of half marathon shirts. I know I was late to register but I had read on the website that the half marathon was limited to 7,000 runners, and since there were only a little more than 3,000 runners who finished the race I’d think they would have had enough T-shirts to go around. No problem though. It wasn’t a great shirt anyway and the most important thing was that I was able to run the race. My time of