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Race #494 -- Jaycees Summer Kickoff 5k -- Belmont, NC -- 06/06/2021

Another local 5k, but this week it was well organized and well managed, and with lots of friends present it was a lot of fun.  There was a staggered start because of the coronavirus, which seems unnecessary, but for some reason it's still being done. I'd prefer that everybody starts at the same time, allowing racers to compete head-to-head, but I'm also not above taking advantage of the situation either. I opted to start at the very back of the pack, where I could get a little bit of a running start, pass a lot of slower runners instead of being passed by so many faster runners, and, most importantly, escape the head-to-head battle with Steve Staley that I knew was coming if I stayed in front. Admittedly, both Steve and I run better if we're competing head-to-head, but it's a lot easier if I take the more cowardly approach of just doing my best, all by myself, and seeing how things turn out. Turns out that it worked okay for me. We weren't sure of the final resu

Race #493 -- Memorial Run 5k -- Shelby NC -- 05/22/2021

Another race directed by the YMCA, this time the Cleveland County YMCA, and dare I say, another stinker. I try not to complain about the organization, which I believe does a good job most of the time, but when it comes to most of the races they're involved with, they're organized poorly with very little consideration given to runners. A case in point at this race is that not only did they not have age group awards, it was also too much trouble for them to even separate the results into age groups. At least they did separate male from female, but if you want to know how you did among the peers your own age, start counting. I mean, I know how to count, and I can do it, but it's kind of inconsiderate on the part of the race directors to have age groups of ages "0 to 99." If you're looking for a banana or a bagel to choke down after the race, go elsewhere. They did have some little bottles of warm water, so there's that, but the pandemic's over and it'