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Race #122 - Bunny Run 5k - Concord, NC - 04/23/11

Since we first ran this race two years ago, it has more than doubled in size. This year 520 runners finished the Bunny Run 5k, the City of Concord's annual Easter race. Despite the name, which reminds me as much of an Easter egg hunt as it does a road race, it's a well organized race and is a lot of fun. The race used to be run on neighborhood streets along with a trip up the greenway, ending at the other park (I don't remember the name of it) about a mile away. That was a little bit of a problem in that when the race was over you were a mile away from your car if you parked near the starting line. This year, however, the course was changed to an out-and-back course up the greenway so that the starting line and finish line were at the same place, which resulted in not only a great improvement in parking logistics, but it eliminated all of the hills except in the final 100 yards or so at the end of the race. As the race began I was a little concerned that we were running d

Race #121 - Marti Estes 5k - Mooresville, NC - 04/09/11

This week at the last moment Linda and I decided to run the Marti Estes 5k in Mooresville. Our friend Michele Hoheiser, who was 1st overall female last year, said it was a lot of fun so we decided to meet up and run it. Marti Estes was an avid runner, kindergarten teacher, committed Christian, and faithful member of First Presbyterian Church in Mooresville. Marti passed away prematurely in 2005 and the church holds this fundraising race in her honor each year. This year's race had 624 registered runners and walkers and raised $22,500 for three charities in Mooresville. The race began at First Presbyterian Church and after winding its way through town ended at the First Baptist Church several blocks away. The race was enjoyable but the start was a mess, with lots of younger kids lining up at the start and flailing around for the first half mile or so of the race. It amazes me how most kids seldom run in a straight line. I don't really mind, but it can get a little dangerous

Race #120 - Knoxville Half Marathon - Knoxville, TN - 04/03/11

This was my 21st half marathon, and surely my most memorable. I met my 23-year-old grandson, Ryan Joelee Kennedy, for the first time. I know what you're thinking, so before you get out pencil and paper and start figuring out how I'm old enough to have a 23-year-old grandson, suffice it to say that it's definitely mathematically possible. Ryan contacted my now 43-year-old son Everette just a few months ago and informed him that he (Ryan) was his son, in much the same that Everette had called me up when he was 23 years old, and that's when we met for the first time. The whole story has more twists and turns than a barrel full of snakes, so I'll leave it at that for now, and if you'd like more details you'll need to wait for the TV movie. The initial plan was for all three of us -- Everette, Ryan, and me -- to get together and run the half marathon. Everette's training never quite get off the ground, and since he would have had to fly all the way across t