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Race #200 - Mount Mourne VFD Elf 5k - Mooresville, NC - 12/22/12

When I ran that first 5k a little over four years ago back in September 2008, I really didn't have any aspirations other than just being able to finish that particular race, but by the time I reached the finish line I was hooked. I didn't have any idea what the future held but I wanted to see if I could keep it up for a while and see how things worked out. Things have worked out better than I could have imagined at that time. I still don't know what the future holds. All I can do is run one race at a time and hope that there's at least one more race left to run. I've got a quote posted in my office that I read often that says, "You're never too old to start, and it's always too soon to stop." The Mount Mourne Volunteer Fire Department Elf 5k is a race that I avoided for a couple years. It just didn't sound like it would be that great although some of my friends touted it as a favorite. I finally gave it a try last year and it was great, and

Race #199 - Huntersville Half Marathon - Huntersville, NC - 12/09/12

We couldn't have asked for better weather for a December half marathon. This was the second year it was held and I missed it last year because it was held on the same week we were in Hawaii. I signed up a couple months in advance at a bargain price, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the race seemed to be organized. The only real issue I heard from runners is that there are a few places in the race where we're running on some narrow roads where the traffic was fairly heavy. I noticed those areas myself but didn't have any problems with it, although it did cross my mind that it wouldn't take much for a disaster to occur. One runner told me that a driver came up in back of him and started blowing his horn. Other than that, everything was great and it's a race I'll look forward to running again in the future. I thought the course was great except for those high traffic areas, with most of it being through up-scale quiet neighborhoods with wide streets. T