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Race #513 -- Ruby C. Hunt Turkey Trot 5k -- Boiling Springs, NC -- 11/25/21

I ran this race on Thanksgiving (November 25th) and I'm finally getting around to writing the blog entry at the end of February. Posting this race kinda slipped my mind, but over the past few months, I've been dealing with a pretty severe case of plantar fasciitis and decided to not do any more races until I get it under control. The plantar fasciitis has improved some, but nowhere near 100%. Still, I'm thinking of getting back to the races soon although I'm sure I'll be slower than ever. As I write this, my 70th birthday is coming up in just three days so at least I'll have the age excuse for being slower. So regarding this race, my son Joe came down to North Carolina from Michigan along with his fiancee Lindsay and they both ran the race. Joe had started running at the beginning of the pandemic and is running great. Before this Turkey Trot he had only run one race, the Charlevoix Marathon, which he ran in three hours and 31 minutes, pretty amazing for his firs