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Race #487 -- The Country Mile 5k -- Slater-Marietta, SC -- 04/11/2021

The plan was to drive the camper van the 100 miles or so just north of Greenville, camp out, and enjoy watching some of the 48-hour, 24-hour, and 50k ultramarathon races before running the 5k myself on Sunday morning. Turns out that by the time we arrived on Saturday afternoon there was a huge storm coming through and it rained the rest of the evening. That didn't deter the ultra runners but it did keep Linda and I hunkered down in the van until Sunday morning. I paid an extra 25 bucks for a camping spot in the designated RV camping area but it was packed when we got there. We were able to park right at the starting line/timing mat which we did for about 30 minutes until we decided that the nonstop music blasting from the speakers was way too loud for our 69-year-old ears, so we opted to cross the street and park in the "Day Use" parking area which was a much tamer option.  No doubt the focus of this racing event was the ultra distances, so the 5k on Sunday morning seemed

Race #486 -- Easter Eggstravaganza 5k -- Albemarle, NC -- 04/04/2021

The second of Vac & Dash's Spring Trifecta Series of Sunday afternoon races, the Easter Eggstravaganza 5k was held at the Badin Drive-In theater. Being on Easter day there weren't a lot of runners -- only 50 finishers. That mattered little to me though as I'm just trying to run a race each week as I get back into race shape as best I can. After last week's half marathon I felt a little slowed down with heavy legs as I did my regular running routine throughout the week, but I felt okay on race day. My goal was to finally crack 26 minutes. This was my fourth 5k during this comeback stretch and each time I've been a little faster.  As you can see by the graphic below, I didn't quite crack 26 minutes, but I was close at 26:06. That's 19 seconds faster than my last 5k on March 14th and a minute and 33 seconds faster than the first 5k of my comeback on February 27th (my 69th birthday by the way). So I'm making progress little by little. I'm realistic e