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That's All Folks!

I'm happy to report that as of now, at least (August 2022), I'm still running and racing at the age of 70. However, I think this blog is ready for retirement so I won't be posting about any more races. I guess I should have stopped at exactly 500 just to keep it nice and even, but who knew? If you're one of the few who have been interested in this blog, for whatever reason, I appreciate it. Just so I can keep track, I'm planning on updating the " My Upcoming Races " page. If you ever take a look at that and don't see any upcoming races, most likely I'm either injured, retired from racing, or dead.  Half marathons have always been my favorite distance even though I'm not running nearly as many now, but I'll keep the " My Half Marathons " page updated as well if and when I run a half. I'll also be keeping all of my race results current at Ujena Fit Club , so if you want to see how slow I am now (or if I'm still running) you