Race #476 -- Stanley Creek Massacre 10k -- Stanley, NC -- 10/26/19

I'm posting this over a year after the race so I don't remember a lot about it, although I do remember Scott Hammontree and I were competing not only in the race but also for a Top 3 spot in the Gaston County Race Series. He ended up outkicking me at the end and beat me by about 17 seconds. 

Fortunately I still have my Garmin data from the race so I'm able to include that, and there's even a post-race group photo of some friends after the awards.

I'm not including a "Race Rating" for any of the races that I'm currently adding since I don't remember enough about the races to rate them fairly. Once I get back to live races in 2021 they'll be rated using the same criteria that I used previously.

Top 10 (10k):

Top 10 (5k):


Elevation by Mile (10k):

Weather at Start:

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My Stats:

  • Time:  50:06
  • Pace:  8:03
  • Age Group:  1 of 2  
  • Overall:  6 of 25
  • Average Heart Rate:  157
  • Maximum Heart Rate:  165
  • Age Grade Percentage:  70.99%


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