Race #478 -- ChristmasTown 5k -- McAdenville, NC -- 11/30/19


This is a popular race that sells out early every year, but as you can see from the starting line picture in 2019 the rain made for less than ideal conditions. I remember being almost miserable enough to walk away from the starting line and go home, but somebody pointed out to me that I couldn't move my car until after the race so I decided to stick with it. 

There are too many hills to make it one of my favorite races, but it's just a couple miles from my house so that's a plus. The big draw for this event is that the famous McAdenville Christmas lights are turned on for the first time of the season just for the race, and that's great although it's hard to appreciate the scenery when you're trying to run a race.

Race Name: ChristmasTown 5k

Location: McAdenville, North Carolina

Date: November 30, 2019

Race Rating:  (Not Rated)

Top 10 Overall:

Top 10 in My Age Group (66-70):


Elevation by Mile:

Weather at Start:

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My Stats:

  • Time:  25:04
  • Pace:  8:04
  • Age Group: 1 of 11  
  • Overall:  75 of 808
  • Average Heart Rate:   155
  • Maximum Heart Rate:  167
  • Age Grade Percentage:  68.15% 


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