Race #480 -- Winter Flight 8k -- Salisbury, NC -- 01/26/20

When I ran the Winter Flight 8k on January 26, 2020, nobody knew there was a pandemic on the horizon that would change everything. Face masks and social distancing hadn't been imagined yet. I don't remember my exact thoughts, but my general plans were to keep running races throughout my 68th year. 

The Winter Flight 8k that starts and finishes on the campus of Catawba College is a favorite for many runners and has been the North Carolina RRCA 8k championship road race ever since I started running. It's an afternoon race, so it's usually quite a bit warmer than the early morning races, and the 50 degree temperature at the start was perfect.

I was slower than I had been in previous years but that was to be expected since I would be turning 68 a month later. Still, it was a pretty good race for me and I managed to squeak out an age group win. I remember quite a bit about the race but to be fair, since I'm writing this over a year later, I won't give it the normal "race rating" that I've done with most races in the past.

Race Name:  Winter Flight 8k

Location:  Salisbury, North Carolina

Date:  January 26, 2020

Race Rating:  (Not Rated)

Top Overall:

(L-R): Steve Staley, Richard Hefner, Steve Shive (Top 3 in 65-69 age group)

My Age Group:


Elevation by Mile:

Weather at Start:

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My Stats:

  • Time:  39:10
  • Pace:  7:52
  • Age Group:  1 of 10  
  • Overall:  ? of 192
  • Average Heart Rate:   157
  • Maximum Heart Rate:  168
  • Age Grade Percentage:  71.70%


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